Language Arts

My Own House

This activity is often used as part of the "Me Book" projects. See SELF IMAGE UNIT.



Children ages 5 and up can draw house with 2-5 items and print simple wordsFM III
Children 4-5 can copy the squares FM III
and children 3-4 can identify shapes Cog. I


Felt pens, paper.


1. Seat children at a table and hand each of them a piece of paper. Put felt pens in the center of the table. Ask children if they live in a house or an apartment. What color is it? How big?

2. Ask children to draw their house. Have a predawn large square on the same size paper for them to copy if they need a model. Some children may need lightly drawn square to trace or a dot-to-dot pattern. Let children draw in windows, doors, walk, steps, trees, etc.

3. As children are drawing, ask them about their homes (and families) and the parts of a house. "Where is the roof?" "What is the roof for?"

4. Print the words "MY HOUSE" and have them copy or trace the words on their picture. Older children may print their house number and street on their picture.

5. Help them trace or write their names on the picture.

6. Display the pictures on a bulletin board.