High Protein Candy

Delicious, nutritious, lots to do and taste in the process.



Children between the ages of 4-6 can read understand the symbols/directions in the pictures Lang. IB
Children can also help to pour the pitcher SH I
and can follow a sequence shown the in the pictures.
And children between 1-2 can use the spoon, spilling a little. SH I


Powdered milk; coconut; honey or corn syrup; peanut butter; measuring spoons and cups; bowls for each child*

*Carob powder, nuts, seeds and cut up dried fruits (apples, dates, pears,apricots or plain old raisins) can be added to the above recipe in almost any combination or proportions.


1. Have arranged at a long table the following ingredients with recipe cards: Children start at left with their own bowls and spoons. They stop at each card, "read" it, and add the designated amount to their bowls.

2. Have children stand on other side of table or at another table to roll their mixtures into small balls. Have a large plate for them to put the finished candies on.

3. During this whole process, discuss how this milk is different from what we drink. How they think peanut butter is made. How many balls each one makes (lots of little ones; a few big ones). How else we could make balls. Could we make other shapes (snakes, letters)?

4. Let children eat some of the finished product and perhaps save the rest for the group's treat.