Musical Chairs (Non-Competitive Games)

An old standard which lends itself to infinite variations.



Children ages 4 ½ can walk forward and backward, heel to toe GM I
ages 3 can listen to musical instruments and record player Lang. IA
ages 2 ½ can walk on tip-toe GM I
nd ages 2 can walk on line in general direction GM I
All children participating can play a musical instrument.


Large open space; chairs; tape recorder or record player with cheerful music (or a piano could be used if convenient); miscellaneous musical instruments.


1. Arrange the chairs in a large circle with the backs facing inward. Begin by having the same number of chairs as children.

2. Play the music and explain that they are to walk around the circle of chairs and when the music stops, they are to sit down on the nearest chair.

3. Proceed in this fashion several times, allowing them to all sit down.

4. Make the game more interesting by eliminating one chair at a time. The children who are in the band should stop and start their music in accordance with the recorded music.

5. The teacher stops and starts the music and the children can eliminate the chairs and form a new circle.