Making Instruments: Bottle Cap Clackers

A nice song as well as activity.



Children ages 3-4 can drive nails into soft materials FM II
ages 2-2 ½ years has well-developed handedness FM III
and ages 1 ½-2 can begin to show hand preference FM II
All children participating will be bale to hammer nails with/without assistance into wood.


Pieces of wood approx. 1/2x1x8"; roofing nails, 1 1/2" long; bottle caps with large nail hole punched in center (scrounge or buy from winemaking supply co.); hammers; carpentry bench or suitable area; paint and brushes (optional); sample of clacker made up for a model.


1. Give each child a piece of wood, 2 nails, and 4 or more bottle caps. Show children how to put 2 bottle caps on top of each other and on the wood so a nail may be easily driven part way into the wood. Remind children not to drive the nails too far in--leave room for the bottle caps to rattle. Help the children by holding the nail if necessary. Let the children paint the instruments if they want.

2. Make music!