A puppet show in which the Mix-Up Monster rears his mischievous head to try to confuse the issue of long/short and big/little. The kids will delight in correcting him.



Children ages 3-4 can use sizes to describe and discriminate objects like big, little, and tall and short Cog. I
and they are able to understand the things that are different Cog. IIIA
All children participating can attend a puppet show SE V


Two teachers are necessary for this puppet show; Mix-up Monster; Froggie Puppet; two yardsticks; two balloons.


1. Have a familiar puppet character (Froggie) come up and announce that he is going to explain "long/short" to the children. Two yardsticks appear, one longer than the other.

2. Have Froggie show them the long one; then the short one.

3. While he is standing between them, have the Mix-Up Monster switch the long one for the short one.

4. When Froggie again shows them long and short, objects are mixed up and he must reorient himself to a new long and short.

5. Repeat this several times until Froggie finally gives up and goes to the concept of big/little using the balloons.

6. Have the Mix-Up Monster mix up the big and little balloons also until

Froggie catches him and they agree on what is really big and little and long and short using the yardsticks and balloons.