Children should have a chance to know REAL lemonade!



Children between the ages of 4-5 years can direct others by saying “do this” or “get that” Cog. IIIA
and they can perform a variety of actions on familiar objects; squeezing, cuttingCog. I
and they can also cut with a knife SH I
Children between the ages 2-4 can drink from the cup SH I
Works well with the other children SE IV


Lemons; knives (sharp with blunt ends); a few toothpicks; juice squeezer(s) with damp cloth(s) underneath for traction; honey in squeeze bottles; water in pitcher; teaspoons; measuring cups (either 1/2 or full cups with 1/2 marked off); cup or glass and spoon per child; paper tasting cup per child; ice cubes.


1. Have children stand around table and pair off into partners.

2. Give each pair: 1 lemon and 1 knife. One child cuts the lemon in half; the other picks out the seeds with a toothpick. (Discuss who and half, where lemons come from, what's left in lemon after juice is squeezed out.) The pairs of children take turns, one holding the squeezer steady while the other squeezes a lemon half. Give some tips on squeezing techniques. (Put both hands on lemon. Lean on it with rotating motion.) Demonstrate and help children individually as needed.

3. Have each child proceed with the following steps:

a. Pour juice from 1/2 lemon into his/her own cup.

B. Squeeze out honey and add 1 tsp. to cup.

C. Measure 1/2 cup water and add to cup (watch layer of honey)/

d. Stir with spoon until honey mixes in so you can't see it.

E. Pour a bit into tasting cup, taste. Is it sweet? Sour? Just right? What

does it need? What would make it sweeter? More sour?

F. Drop 2 ice cubes in the cup (if there's any lemonade left), and enjoy!