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Children ages 4-5 years can read the pictures Lang. IB
and children ages 2 ½ and up can identify object and actions in the picturesCog. IV A
Ages 3 and up can use textures to identify objects Cog. I
and children between 2-3 can roll, pond, and squeeze the dough FM I
and all children should use the tools and toys appropriately SE V


Refrigerator biscuits in rolls (or pre-made biscuit dough); oil; dowels for rolling out dough; tomato sauce; pastry or paint brushes; cheddar or mozzarella cheese; cheese grater; oregano. Wall recipe chart (see below). Cookie sheet; spatula. Oven preheated to 400.


l. Discuss pizzas with children (favorite kinds, pizza parlor experiences) and encourage children to guess or remember ingredients as you introduce them.

2. Ask for ideas on how to open the refrigerator biscuits and then see if children can bang them open. Separate biscuits carefully and give each child a biscuit and a dowel.

3. Proceed through the recipe with the children, asking them to "read" the pictures on the wall chart at each step. As children get to know the recipe, they should become able to progress independently by referring to the pictures.

4. While pizzas are baking, ask children to recall ingredients and steps. Emphasize action words: "roll, brush, grate, and sprinkle".