Song: "Carrot Seed Song"

This could nicely complement a lesson or unit on growing things.



Carrots grow from carrot seeds.
You plant a seed and grow it.
You water it and pull the weeds.
Carrots grow from carrot seeds.


1. Have children sitting in a circle. Sing the chorus through while holding up a picture of a carrot.

2. Change the picture and ask the kids, "What else grows from seeds?" When they have identified the picture, sing the chorus through again substituting the new fruit or vegetable for the carrot.

3. Ask the child to suggest what they like to eat that grows from seeds and use them in the song.

4. Discuss those things which grow from seeds and those which don't, e.g. "Do cars grow from seeds?"

5. Expand the children's knowledge of how seeds grow by sprouting seeds in egg carton gardens.