Classroom Exploration

Try this game near the beginning of the year to help familiarize the kids with the room layout. Also, might help your group think of “clean-up” as an enjoyable skill.



Children ages 4 and up can find a similar shape to that shown in an environment Cog. IIID
Children ages 3-4 years can give use of an object Lang. IIA
and ages 1 ½ years can name an object Lang. IB
All children participating will be able to put away materials in proper place SE V


Large tray with classroom equipment on it: scissors, pencil, paint brush, chalk, glue, etc. Each item has a specific storage place in the classroom.


1. Have children sit around a table or on a rug. Place items on a tray and hold it. Tell children, “We are going on a hunt to find where these go. They got lost and can’t find their way back.” Talk about how everything has its proper place in the classroom.

2. Give each child an item while the group is still seated. Ask each child what they have and talk about the things you can do with it. Give each child a turn to name the item and tell its function.

3. “Ok, let’s find where they go.” Children run around and put their objects away.

4. After each child returns to you and tells you where her object belonged, give them another item and repeat procedures.

5. Children can then find objects in the classroom by descriptions: color, form or use. Teacher can make up a kind riddle, such as “I am yellow, have wheels, and am bigger than your foot. Find me.” Older kids can make up riddles for others.