Magic Goop

This stuff is irresistible. Be sure to mix some for yourself.



Children ages 4-5 years can perform a variety of actions on an unfamiliar objectCog. I
and can understand "a little" vs. "a lot" Cog. IIIC
Children ages 3-4 can count "three" spoonfuls of a substance and answers "how many?" Cog. IIIC
and children ages 2 years can follow single directions. Lang. IA
All children can participate take turns SE IV


A spoon and small bowl for each child; cornstarch; water; food coloring (optional); a mixture of 2 parts cornstarch to one part water is about the right ratio. A very small change in proportions changes the consistency quite dramatically, so make adjustments in small increments.


l. Seat children around a table and give each child a small bowl and a spoon. Tell them that they are going to mix up some magic goop to play with.

2. Pass around a bowl of cornstarch and have each child take 3 spoonfuls. Let children add water, a spoonful at a time, until the mixture is the right consistency.

3. Encourage children to experiment with the goop and describe what is happening. "How does it feel if you punch it with your fist? What happens if you put your fingers on it and press lightly?" Have children scrape the goop onto the table and watch it flow. Tell them to make a ball and try holding it in the palms of their hands. Watch it melt!

4. Optional: put a drop of food coloring on a ball of goop. Watch the color spread as the ball melts.

5. If the goop begins to dry out, add a drop or two of water. (Excess water can be removed by blotting the goop with a paper towel).