Language Arts

Colored Cubes

Low key, low level practice on color names.



Children will be able to identify many colors and count to three after this exercise. Children ages 4-5 can identify the 3 primary colors Lang. IB
they can point to colors on cue and match the colored blocks Cog. I
Children 2-4 can build tower of 6-9 blocks FM I


Colored 1" cubes (usually there are 8 colors); large bowl.


1. Lay out eight colored cubes in a row about an inch apart.

2. Have children point to and label colors. Have them identify colors when teacher points.

3. Next, have children take turns picking a cube out of the bowl and placing it on top of a matching cube.

4. Repeat this until all the cubes are stacked in sets of three by color. The children should count the cubes in each stack.

5. The children can put the cubes away by color categories.