Language Arts

Comic Cut-Ups

Kids love this project. Unfortunately, you'll have to read a lot of comics to get a good collection of materials together. You may want to recruit an aide or volunteer to help.



Children 4-5 will be able to appropriately sequence and relate stories and arrange pictures to tell a story Lang. IIB
sequence pictures of 3 time related events Cog. IIIE
cut on a straight like with scissors, and glue pictures onto heavy paper FM II


Comics from Sunday newspaper or comic books precut in the strip. Use easy comic strips with 3 or 4 frames that can be understood by the pictures alone. Scissors, glue, heavy paper or cardboard, small envelopes, tape recorder (optional). SEE ILLUSTRATION


1. Have materials in center of table and settle children around table. Let each child choose a comic strip and help him "read" the story. Review the sequence of action: what happens first, next, last?

2. Let the children glue the strip on heavy paper and cut the picture frames apart.

3. Have the children mix up the pictures and put them back in the correct order. Encourage children to describe what is happening in each frame in its sequence.

4. Children may trade their comics and sequence a neighbor's comic strip story.

5. Put pieces in an envelope and let child take it home.