Dramatic Arts

Space Fantasy

Space fantasy is becoming less fantastic and more reality every day. It's amazing how much kids know about space travel already. See the T.V. projects for possible extensions.



Children can initiate ideas for fantasy play that are accepted by others SE IV
role play a fantasy situation Cog. IV A
accepts others' ideas for play SE IV
and imitates role play. Cog. IV A


Spaceship and helmets -- made in crafts project; accessory items the children choose, such as bicycle or wagons to haul parts, fuel and food, telephones, etc.


Space play is both reality and fantasy to young children today. The teacher supports and extends the ideas for play initiated by the children.

1. "What a fine spaceship you have built! Who is the crew? Where are you going to fly?" Ask questions that stimulate creative thoughts and extend the learning. For example, if the children are going to the moon, ask, "What will it be like on the moon? Have you ever seen the moon? When? What did it look like? Do you suppose there is anybody living there?" It is also appropriate to direct the children's attention to the realities of the trip. "Cars and busses need gas to run. What does a spaceship need? (Rocket fuel) Who brings the fuel? How long will your trip take? Should you take anything along? etc....