The Rhythm in Words

Children should be familiar with using rhythm sticks (without chaos resulting!) before doing this project. Repeat this game often and see how skilled the group becomes.



Children participating can points to or names other children in group
imitates a simple rhythm
uses toys and tools appropriately SE V
and can take turns SE IV


Rhythm sticks (disassembling hanging bamboo wind chimes will yield several pairs of rhythm sticks).


1. Seat children in a circle. Show them how to tap out words by syllable, e.g. "apple," bang-bang, "pear," bang, "ice cream," bang-bang, "Su-per-man," bang-bang-bang, etc. Let the children think of words to bang out.

2. Tell the children that now the group will tap out the syllables of their own names. Give examples, such as "John-ny" bang-bang, or "Sue" bang.

3. Go around the circle asking the children, one at a time, if they would like their names "played." Have them say their names and you repeat slowly, enunciating the syllables and tapping them out.

4. This process can be speeded up as you go around the circle as the children catch on to the concept.

5. Children might take turns tapping out a friend's name who then taps out another's name.