Who's Missing

A great group activity for getting acquainted and for learning to ask questions and give cues. Worth repeating.



Children ages 4 and up can guess who is missing from the room after a few subtle hints like color and sex Lang. IIB
All children can participate in giving hints, describing the attributes of the missing child Lang. IIB
asking the children questions to determine who the missing child is, and they can also imitate the child’s name when modeled by the teacher Lang. IA


Cards with children's names. (optional)


1. Children all sitting a circle on floor or in chairs. One is the "magic guesser" who wears a bag over his head. One child is chosen silently by the teacher (or a child) to be the "hider" and leaves the room. The rest of the group is sworn to secrecy.

2. The "magic guesser" takes the bag off and tries to guess who has left as the teacher and children give a series of hints, e.g. "It's a boy. His hair is black. His name starts with a P."

3. When the "magic guesser" finally guesses, s/he goes to retrieve the "hider".

4. An older "magic guesser" can ask questions of the group to find out whose missing, e.g. "What color hair does he have? Who does he play with?"