Draw a Person

Our non-sexist version of paper dolls. Preparation is rather elaborate, so try to get help from volunteers. Good sharp scissors are essential.



Children ages 4-5 years can trace or copy letters FM III
and they can glue by joining or bonding FM II
Children ages 3-5 can use texture to describe an object Cog. I
and they can use knowledge of certain social conventions, e.g. who wears what clothes Cog. II
Children ages 2-3 can draw a face and smaller body parts and points to body parts Lang. IA


A variety of fabric scraps, pre-cut in shapes of pants, skirts, dresses, shorts, hats, shoes; buttons; yarns; glue; felt pens; 20-12 pieces of heavy paper or cardboard with stick figures drawn on them.


1. Settle children around the table and give each child a stick figure to dress.

2. Show them clothing, one article at a time, and discuss the feel of the materials: smooth, furry, soft, rough, etc. Encourage children to point to, name, and describe their own clothing.

3. Talk about body parts, asking children what they wear on their heads, feet, legs, etc. Ask children to name or point to parts of their bodies and locate corresponding part on the stick figures.

4. Let children choose articles of clothing to glue on their figure. They may use buttons on clothing, yarn for hair or decorations. Suggest drawing the face, hands, and other missing parts of their stick figures.

5. Ask them where their people might go after they are dressed...to a party? The park? To school?

6. Let them choose a name for their person and print (with help) the name below the person.