Language Arts

Guess Who's Missing

A great game! Kids are equally delighted at guessing, being guessed, or fooling the guesser.



Children ages 4-5 years can recall who is missing from the group Lang. IIB
and all the children can participate in identifying peers by names.


Blindfold or paper bag (to go over child's head).


1. Seat children in a large circle. Choose five children to stand in the middle.

2. Choose another child and have him/her carefully look at and name the 5 children. Blindfold the guesser.

3. Send one of the children to hide somewhere out of sight. Remove the guesser's blindfold and ask her to guess whose missing. If she can't guess, have the rest of the group give clues (boy or girl? Color of hair? Straight, curly, wavy, long, short hair? Name starts with?, etc.). If all else fails, have hidden child come out and ask guesser to identify by name.

4. Choose a new guesser and repeat the game so that all the children have the chance to participate in some role.