Dramatic Arts

Too Much Noise

Limiting noise polution.



Children ages 4-5 can demonstrate meaning of words by pantomime Cog. IIIB
Children ages 3-4 years are able to produce sounds to represent an objec Cog. IV A
and children 2 ½-3 years can carry out two simple related commands given out once Lang. IA
and children under 1 year can imitate the sounds Lang. IA
All of the children can participate in large group activities SE I


Book: Too Much Noise by Ann McGovern (Scholastic Paperback)
Costumes: Peter: beard, hat, glasses, big boots. *Wiseman or wise woman: books, table, wizard hat, wig.
Props: flour, small bed, couch or pillow, tea pot, tree branches or shrubs for house sounds. For animal sounds: role cards, pictures (either drawn or pasted on) of animals that appear in story. Cards can be hung around child's neck or taped to chest. Miscellaneous chairs or furniture


1. Gather children in group on floor and read story, focusing on identifying and imitating sounds.

2. Repeat group reading until children become familiar with story.

3. Establish layout of stage: set-up Peter's house, Wiseman's desk, barn for animals, and an area for audience.

4. Cast children in roles. Small groups of 2-4 children can act out house sounds using props, e.g. one group can jump up and down on bed going "creak, creak, creak."

-pass out role cards

-introduce play and players

-narrate story, prompting players when necessary

-applause and credits to the actor