Multi-Cultural Overview

pkp_mv_dv_musical_chairs.jpgOakland is a community with an amazing representation of religious and ethnic group. Over the years we have done units on many cultures and celebrated many holidays and special occasions in addition to those on the school calendar. Parents are our prime resource for both curriculum and display materials. Given assurance of adequate protection for their treasures, parents have loaned us records, authentic works of art, traditional hand-crafted toys, and household objects such as pictures, books, and other marvels to enrich our school environment. Rare is the family with no resource of time, talent, or treasure to contribute. Most families are just waiting to be asked.

We have included a series of projects based around a Chinese New Year celebration. We might just as easily have chosen Cinco de Mayo, Chanukah, St. Patrick’s Day, Santa Lucia’s Day, or Klamath Indian Potlatch. However, the format remains the same: traditions, songs, stories, games, crafts, food, and other trappings of occasion or life styles of many cultures.