Do the Opposite Game

Don't expect uniform responses from your group. Teachers report kids will get better at this if it's repeated fairly often.



Children ages 4-5 years can make opposite analogies Lang. IIA
ages 2-2 ½ years can demonstrate simple action words Lang. IIIB
and ages 2 ½-4 can imitate simple actions or gestures GM IX




1. The teacher explains that the children should do the opposite of whatever he says. The word "opposite" can be further explained by examples: "When I say 'sit down' you stand up. When I say 'put both hands in front of you,' you put both hands behind you."

2. The teacher continues giving commands and the children do the opposites. It helps to have adults included in the class group, cueing the children and helping to avoid confusion. If the kids do get confused, though, the teacher can give the command and then join the group in doing the opposite.

3. Kids love this game because it gives them a chance to legitimately "rebel" against the teacher. When the teacher teases by getting upset and protesting that the children aren't doing what he/she says, the kids laugh uproariously and want to play more!