Try to maintain a balance between experimentation and proper printing techniques, but err on the side of experimentation. Comment from reviewer: “An extremely popular project!"



Children ages 5 and up can print own name FM II
children ages 4-5 can trace letter of own name FM II
and children 3-4 can experiment with different writing implements FM III


Paper; felt tip pens; crayons; pencils; paint brushes; water colors


1. Have children sit around table and give each child a sheet of paper with his/her name printed in large capitol letters.

2. Ask each child to choose something to write with. Beginning at the top of each letter, help each child trace the letters of his name, using one color. Ask each child to choose another implement and color and trace name again. Each implement offers a different experience and requires different pressure and control. Children should use several different implements and colors. The product will look like a rainbow.

3. As the child develops more control, make thinner lines to trace. Eventually decrease the size of the letters.