Paper Bag Collage Masks      


A nice get-acquainted project. Lots of interesting ideas come out in discussions of faces and feelings.


Children ages 5-6 years can draw a face with 2-5 distinguishable features FM III
Children ages 2-2 ½ years can label facial features on self and others Lang. IA
Ages 1 ½-2 years can point to facial features on self and others Lang. IA
All children participating will be able to imitate facial features.


Paper bags large enough to fit over child’s head; felt pens; miscellaneous collage materials, e.g. yarn, glitter, popsicle sticks; pipe cleaners; glue; scissors; colored paper; mirror; one pre-made mask to serve as model.


1. Have materials arranged in center of the table around which children are seated.

2. Talk about masks. Show models and explain that masks allow you to be whatever you want to be (an animal, monster, happy or scary person).

3. Talk about faces and have children look in mirror and identify and name the different parts of their own faces. Talk about facial expressions and how they express feelings.

4. Have children imitate happy, sad, mad, and surprised faces.

5. Have each child take a paper bag and draw a face on it. Teacher helps cut out eyes and mouth.

6. Let children decorate their masks with the materials listed above.

7. Talk with each child about his mask. What is it? What expression/feeling does it convey?

For inspiration, use Frances Facemaker by William Cole or other good photos of facial expressions.