Materials Overview

pkp_ms_sb_making_sand_block.jpgThis unit includes lots of standard arts and crafts activities, new ideas, and many old favorites done with a different twist. Although the focus is on sensory experiences, almost all of the projects include language objectives. In many cases, projects describe ways to stimulate language and concept development using materials which are typically thought of as “free play” activities.

Don’t be put off by the fact that lots of these projects are messy. Since preschools are geared for messes, we can offer activities which wouldn’t be difficult or impossible in most homes. Establish some reasonable limits, but don’t let requirements for neatness interfere with the kids’ exploration and experimentation. And don’t hesitate to join in. Both you and the children will benefit from your active participation.

The orders of projects in this unit are largely arbitrary, not reflecting a progression from simple to difficult. To aid you in finding activities for a particular purpose, we have arranged the Materials projects into the following sections: