Language Arts

Symbol reading: Movement

Reading symbols and carrying out the right actions keep teachers on the ball also.



Children 4-5 will be able to follow a sequence of unrelated commands Lang. IIB
and children 3-4 will be able to imitate body movements GM IX
All children participating will be able to associate a symbol with an action.


Felt board; 4 or 5 felt pieces of different shapes or symbols (music optional but fun).


1. Have children sit in a circle on the floor. Tell them they are going to "read" something and do the action.

2. Show the children a felt circle and tell them this means "walk." Have all children walk around room and back to the felt board. Show them another form and say this means "hop." Have children hop a few steps.

3. Show them the first symbol. "What does this mean?" If they remember and perform activity, show them the second symbol. If they have difficulty, review the first symbol/action.

4. Next put both symbols on board in order. Have children "read" directions and follow sequence of motor actions. For younger children, "read" directions with them, i.e. "Circle means walk. Square means hop. Let's walk, and then hop." Have children imitate you, but refer to the symbols.

5. Add 2 or 3 more symbols and actions, depending on the response of the group.

6. Using only 2 or 3 symbols, change the order to make a new action sequence.